DAY 27 OF 31
Dancing Man's Challenge: Dance Free
We challenge you to a dance off! Share a photo/video (old or new) of yourself dancing with #MonthOfAction. If you're free to boogie today, record a clip of yourself doing The Dancing Man, the signature move of Sean O'Brien aka Dancing Man. You ready to bust a move?
Having a positive body image starts with being comfortable with the skin you’re in. And what better way to celebrate body positivity than to dance? Earlier this year, Sean O’Brien was cyberbullied after pictures of him dancing at a party surfaced online. But when a group of women from across the world saw what happened, they decided to find Sean, throw him a huge dance party, and start a worldwide campaign, the Dance Free Movement, to promote body positivity and prevent bullying. We invite you to dance today with Sean and the Dance Free Movement in a celebration of everyone’s inalienable right to dance free.