DAY 26 OF 31
Make It Right w/ No Bully
None of us are perfect. And sometimes we do or say hurtful things. Today, offer a sincere apology to someone you’ve hurt in the past. That can be online, over the phone, or even in person. Then share our graphic with #MonthOfAction to inspire others to step up to the plate.
Our partners at No Bully train schools to empower students to stop bullying. By bringing students together in what they call Solution Teams, they provide a blame-free space where students can empathize with a target of bullying and work to fix the problem. They find that students who did the bullying are often the first to speak up with ideas about how to make things right. A sincere apology is a great way to do just that and it’s never too late. Check out this moving story of a former bully who apologized 20 years later. You can also watch this video from Jared Leto who gives his take on how to make amends.