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Help someone who is being bullied by making yourself available to talk about what they’re going through. You can make a huge difference by listening, even if you can’t make the bullying stop.
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Be an active listener. It helps to maintain eye contact and ask clarifying questions so you can make sure you’re understanding the situation accurately.
Listen to people who are having a rough time, and help them see that they don’t deserve what is being done to them.
Listen for a while before you give advice, so you truly understand what’s going on. When you give advice, don’t blame people who are bullied for what is being done to them.
Invite someone to call or text you if they need to talk. You can be helpful simply by making yourself available to listen.
If someone really needs to talk, make plans with them outside of school in a safe, comfortable place. Just taking the time to listen can be a huge help.
Be sure to put your phone away and listen attentively if someone wants to talk to you about something. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to tell someone something important and they’re on their phone, only half paying attention to what you’re saying.
If talking to your friend about what they’re going through hasn’t worked, don’t give up on them! Get support from a guidance counselor or another trusted adult and figure out the best way to get your friend the help they need.
Know that talking with someone will help them. Think of questions that will lead them to open up more to you. Show that you’re listening by allowing them to talk more than you.
Help someone being bullied think through how they can tell their parents, and what to do if that doesn’t help.
Avoid aggression, anger, and confusion. Be confident and genuine with your suggestions and words. Let them know that they can talk with you anytime, and never judge or blame them.
Offer to do activities that will guarantee a smile or even a laugh. Remind the person that no one deserves to be disrespected and it won’t last forever. Simply listening and showing that you believe and care about what is going on will do wonders!
Don’t feel obligated to know the answer to the situation, sometimes listening is the most genuine way to show support. Remind the person that they have you as a friend.