DAY 14 OF 31
Drew Lynch's Challenge: Find The Funny
Share your favorite joke (or really just any good joke) over social media with the hashtag #MonthOfAction. We promise not to judge if we don’t laugh. Just nothing offensive. Cool? Cool. Now bring on the funny!
Humor can be a useful way to make friends and heal yourself if you are bullied. Drew Lynch, the 2015 runner up on America's Got Talent, suffers from a pretty severe stutter but has taken what might be perceived as an impairment and transformed it into an advantage in his blossoming career as a comedian. Take it from Drew, "you can turn anything into a positive" and humor is a great way to turn bullying around. Let's all spread the funny today and learn some good jokes while we're at it. If you’re really interested in how humor works with bullying, check out this study to find out what types of humor are most effective.