DAY 13 OF 31
Shonda Rhimes’ Challenge: Say Yes!
Build up courage by doing something today outside of your comfort zone. Say yes to hanging out with someone new. Say yes to your school’s talent show. Say yes to lunch with a different coworker. Say yes to getting help with your bullying situation. Let people know what you said yes to with the hashtag #MonthOfAction. If you don’t have an opportunity to try something new today, share this graphic and pledge to say yes to SOMETHING this month!
For all of 2014, Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, decided to step outside of her comfort zone and say yes to opportunities that she would normally pass up. The experience allowed her to build up the confidence to face some of her life’s hardest challenges. We know that any act to help someone being bullied – whether it’s a friend or even yourself – requires at least a little bit of courage. So let’s exercise our courage muscles today by doing something small, helpful, and positive that we might normally say no to. Sound good? Yes.