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Stephanie | Being Different is Beautiful
Hello Beautifuls! This video is part of a campaign to stop bullying and inspire youths and adults. This video is not sponsored at all, but they did reach out to me to tell me about their campaign and I thought it was absolutely inspiring. They want to prove that the everyday bystander can make a difference in someone's life. Their website has different categories ranging from how to confront a bully to ways of positivity. I decided to take part this in campaign to show remind you all that you are beautiful and never alone! And the greatest thing is that this website is like a community, from actors to everyday peeps like me. If you have something to say to inspire others, you can upload a video on YouTube, go to their website, and request to have it be shown on their webpage. Check out their website for more info... link is down below and remember to stay beautiful xo PS I was thinking about maybe doing inspirational/confidence/advice videos every other week, tell me what you think about that in the comments below! PSS I made a FaceBook Page for my photography, so if you want to check it out, I would highly appreciate it since it is my main passion! Just type in, or the link is down below with the rest of my links! Kk I think that is it, until next time! BYSTANDER REVOLUTION WEBSITE: WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME: Instagram: Photography Page: Luvocracy: Twitter: Blogpost: Tumblr: Camera Info: Canon 6D