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#2 Confront The Bully - BullyBusters Season 2
In Season 2 Episode 2 of BullyBusters, brothers Liam and Oliver talk about the importance of confronting the bully. If nobody confronts the bully, it will only get worse. Whether you’re a victim or a bystander, stand up and have the courage to do what’s right. Comment to share your bullying experiences. Like the BullyBusters videos. Subscribe for more awesome videos from the Clive Brothers. In Season 2 of the BullyBusters series, brothers Liam and Oliver talk about ways to change the world by being a positive bystander. With this season, the Clive Brothers have partnered with Bystander Revolution ( by sharing some BullyBusters videos on their site, and participating as members of the Bystander Revolution Student Ambassador Program. Season 2 of BullyBusters produced in 2015. Bullying is a big problem. Are you getting bullied? Are you bullying other people? Do you know someone who is getting bullied? In the BullyBusters videos, Liam and Oliver talk about how to stop getting bullied, stop bullying others, and start being a positive bystander. If you’re a victim of bullying, the Clive Brothers talk about ways to stop getting bullied. Liam and Oliver know what it’s like to be bullied - and nobody deserves to be bullied. In these BullyBusters videos, they talk about how to stop the bully - by telling an adult or faking your confidence! If you’re a bully, the Clive Brothers talk about ways to stop bullying and start helping other people stop bullying too. Everyone has been a bully at some point, even if we don’t like to admit it. When we get bullied, we go out and bully someone else. Everyone experiences this - it’s the bullying chain. In these BullyBusters videos, we talk about how to not be a bully and stop the bullying chain! If you’re a bystander, the Clive Brothers talk about how to stop bullying when you see it. Everyone is a bystander - we see bullying everyday! But if we don’t stand up for the victim, we are just as bad as the bullies. We have to stand up for the victims and show people that bullying is not cool. In these BullyBusters videos, Liam and Oliver talk about how to be a positive bystander! Share this video: Watch more Clive Brothers: Check out Bystander Revolution: