Set a good example
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Good behavior is contagious. If you model positive behavior in your own life, you can pass it on to your children.
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Set a good example for your children by treating all people with respect and avoiding gossip or prejudicial jokes in your household.
Consider setting guidelines for your family’s internet use, like what times of day your children can use the internet and which social media sites are permitted.
If your child is bullying others, help them find a way to build their self-esteem, like helping others, mastering a hobby, or overcoming a challenge.
Ask yourself how you can set a good example in your home and encourage respectful social behavior in your child.
If your child is bullying others, examine your own behavior and think about ways they might be modeling your actions with their peers. Strive to set a good example for your child, and talk with them about ways you both can work to improve.