Don’t pass on rumors
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Rumors spread because individuals decide to pass them on. Not repeating a rumor is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to stop it in its tracks.
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If you’re tempted to share a rumor, think about how it could hurt the person it’s about. How would you feel if the rumor was about you?
Before you pass on a rumor, ask yourself if you would like to be known as a gossip.
Let your friends know that rumors are a waste of time. The next time your friends are spreading gossip, consider asking them if you can talk about something more interesting.
Remember that rumors are often untrue. And even when they are true, it’s considerate to give people privacy instead of spreading the private details of their lives.
Consider phrases like, “I’m sorry guys, I’m not comfortable talking about her while she’s not here,” “I’m actually cool with that person and prefer not to talk about them,” or “I’m not okay with this.”