Break the cycle
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Don’t fight bullying by trying to humiliate or attack the person doing the bullying. Perpetuating abuse only makes things worse.
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Try not to justify your own mean behavior because you think somebody else “deserves” it.
Be open to the idea that someone who is bullying may be hurting, too. Only when and if it feels safe, consider asking them why they’re bullying. Be kind and sympathetic, not angry or accusatory.
Meeting anger with anger often creates even more hostility. You’re more likely to defuse anger with kindness and compassion.
People change all the time. If you are known as a bully, strive to be looked up to for other reasons, like for your dancing, your art, your performance in sports, or for helping others.
When talking to someone who has been bullying others, consider a phrase like, “Hey, is everything okay? You’ve seemed upset recently.”