DAY 4 OF 31
Spread Positivity w/ the Tyler Clementi Foundation
Today, we’re working with the Tyler Clementi Foundation to make the internet a more positive place for everyone. How? By challenging you to like, fav, share, RT, or comment on a post from someone you think might need a boost. Whether they’re being cyberbullied or you just want to remind them you’ve got their back, take a moment to send some support their way. Then post our graphic with #MonthOfAction to show your network what kind of online culture you stand for.
We all know how good it feels to get an unexpected like or favorite on social media. For someone being bullied online, a single gesture of support is all it takes for them to know they’re not alone. Let’s make the internet a more positive and compassionate place today. Check out this video from Elizabeth Banks on the power one positive comment has had at times she’s been cyberbullied.