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Tyson Chandler’s Challenge: Stand Up
One bystander taking action can be all you need to turn a bullying situation around. Show everyone that YOU are committed to act by taking a selfie holding up the word STAND -- on your hand, on one of our stand signs, or any way you like. Then share it with #MonthOfAction.
NBA champion Tyson Chandler of the Phoenix Suns is famous for his defense on the basketball court. Now, he’s making it his mission to encourage people to defend others off the court. In his deeply personal essay for The Players’ Tribune, Tyson reflects on the bullying he witnessed as a kid. Like many of us looking back, he wishes he had done something, and that’s why he’s getting involved -- to inspire other bystanders to become upstanders. As Tyson puts it, “We need more leaders. Not ‘captain of the football team’ leaders. True leaders. We need more kids who are willing to stand up for what’s right”. So today, step off the sidelines and vow to stand up and be a leader the next time you see bullying. You can find hundreds of simple ways to take a stand on our site right here.