Bystander Effect
What is a bystander, and how can they help when they see bullying?
level: Elementary School
Bystander Revolution | It Only Takes One
discussion questions
  • Can you think of a time when you saw something happen you knew was wrong but you didn’t do anything about it?
  • What are some reasons you might not help when you see someone being bullied?
  • What are examples of things you can do if you sense that someone needs help?
  • What did Neiko mean when he was talking about Superman and Batman waiting for the other superhero to act first?
  • Elizabeth Banks talks about the importance of courage. What does courage mean to you?
  • If a situation seems dangerous, what are examples of things you can do?
  • What do you think the phrase "it only takes one" means?
  • If people consistently see others helping, do you think they would be more likely to help too?