Who are the Youth Ambassadors?
The Bystander Revolution Youth Ambassadors are a team of young leaders who serve as the primary student advisors for our organization.
Youth Ambassadors are the public voices of Bystander Revolution, and we’re proud to have them represent us. Interested candidates must be committed to the cause, have strong social media skills, and be eager to make a positive impact on their peers.
It’s a unique program with the awesome goal of helping others. Something I’m proud to say that I am a part of
—Bobby Frantz
What do they do?
Youth Ambassadors are responsible for making sure their generation’s voice is authentically represented in everything we do. They help publicize our efforts and advise us on anything from social media campaigns to website design.
Info to Know
The Youth Ambassador Program is a three-month volunteer commitment. Ambassadors convene bi-monthly via Google Hangout to brainstorm and discuss upcoming initiatives. Extracurricular work is limited but we do send out the occasional survey for feedback. The next rotation begins on June 1st and will run through September 1st. Applications for the next cycle are due by May 15th.
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