Define your own self-worth
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It’s important not to let other people’s opinions determine how you feel about yourself. Knowing your own worth may not change the way people treat you, but it can change how you feel.
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Remember that you don’t deserve to be treated badly by other people, and that their name-calling shows you who they are, not who you are.
Negative things you’ve been called don’t define you. Your opinion of yourself matters more than anyone else’s opinion of you. Make a list of your 5 favorite defining characteristics or 5 things you aspire to be.
Start a list to keep track of moments of joy, accomplishments, and other sources of happiness. Refer to this list as a reminder that you are not defined by negativity.
Remember that you have the right to be respected. Targets of bullying sometimes believe the putdowns and insults they receive are true. They’re not! It may be hard to change how other students treat you, but you do have control of what you think about yourself.
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